Pine Soap Ingredients

This highlights ingredients used in our Pine Soap

  • Bergamot Oil

    Bergamot Oil

    Bergamot Oil is expressed from the peel of Bergamot Fruit and it adds a fresh zesty citrus, slightly floral aroma to a number of our products. We use a blend of Calabrian Oils, specially selected for Soap in our Lavender Soap; Lavender Shampoo Bar; Turmeric Soap, Pine Shampoo Bar, Pine Soap We use ORGANIC Bergamot…

  • Charcoal Powder

    Charcoal Powder

    Our activated charcoal powder is sourced from coconut husks. As the husks are a by-product, this is an environmentally friendly ingredient. We use this charcoal powder as a beautiful natural colourant in our soaps. In our Pine Soap you see it in its pure black form. In our Blue Poppy and Jasmine Soap it is…

  • Green Tea Leaf Powder

    Green Tea Leaf Powder

    Green tea is rich in polyphenols. It is used in skincare for its powerful antioxidant properties that help rejuvenate the skin and support its elasticity. We use this as a natural colourant in our Pine Soap. Due to the alkali nature of saponification the shade of green is lost, but we see a beautiful shade…

  • Nettle Root Powder

    Nettle Root Powder

    This is a beige to light brown powder obtained from the dried, ground roots of nettles. It adds to the great colour combination in our Pine Soap. Nettles are rich in nutrients such as iron, calcium and silicon. Traditionally used in skincare and haircare, nettle root will help to reduce excess sebum and is thought…

  • Pine Sylvestris Oil

    Pine Sylvestris Oil

    Pine Svlvestris Essential Oil is obtained by steam distillation of the needles of the Scotch Pine Tree. Adds an aromatic and refreshing pine aroma. ORGANICINCI: pinus sylvestris leaf oilorigin: Austria Found in: Pine Bath Bomb, Pine Soap

  • Pumice


    We add this very fine-grained pumice powder to some of our soaps to act as a very gentle exfoliant. INCI: pumiceOrigin: Italy / USA Found in: Lavender Soap, Blue Poppy and Jasmine Soap, Pine Soap

  • Rosemary Oil

    Rosemary Oil

    Our organic Rosemary Oil is produced from the steam-distillation of the leaves and fresh flowering tops of the Rosemary. It adds a fresh, herbaceous, characteristic aroma. ORGANICINCI: rosmarinus officinalis flower oilorigin: Spain We add this to our: Pine Bath Bomb; Pine Soap; Pine Shampoo; Moringa Shampoo Bar; Moringa Soap

  • Spinach Powder

    Spinach Powder

    This is a light green powder derived from spinach leaves. Traditionally used for promoting healthy skin and hair, it is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We use this as a natural colourant in our Pine Soap and Pine Bath Bombs. By its nature this colour will fade, hence why we like to keep our…