Blue Jasmine

  • Butterfly Pea Powder

    Butterfly Pea Powder

    Butterfly pea powder is the dried and ground flowers of the Butterfly Pea plant (also known as Asian pigeonwings). The plant is native to South East Asia where it has traditionally been used in folk medicine and in skin and haircare. It is fast becoming used as a colourant in organic skincare, thanks to its…

  • Jasmine Absolute

    Jasmine Absolute

    We use Jasmine Absolute which is diluted in Certified Organic Golden Jojoba Oil. Jasmine Absolute is recognised as a beautiful fragrance in soaps, toiletries and perfumes. INCI: simmondsia chinensis seed oil, jasminum grandiflorum flower extract Found in: Blue Poppy and Jasmine Soap; Blue Jasmine Shampoo Bar; Blue Jasmine Bath Bomb

  • Lavandin Oil Super

    Lavandin Oil Super

    From the steam-distillation of the freshly harvested flowering tops of Lavandin Super, which is a hybrid of True Lavender with Lavandula Latifolia (Spike Lavender). Adds a sweet floral-herbaceous aroma with a subtle punchy camphor note. ORGANICINCI: lavandula hybrida oilorigin: France / Spain Found in: Lavender Soap; Lavender Shampoo Bar; Lavender Bath Bomb; Blue Poppy and…

  • Orange Sweet, Expressed

    Orange Sweet, Expressed

    An essential oil expressed from Sweet Orange fruit peel. Adds a scent of fresh, bright fruity sweetness. ORGANICINCI: citrus aurantium dulcis peel oilorigin: Mexico / Spain / Italy Found in: Orange and Lemon Soap; Orange and Lemon Shampoo Bar; Orange and Lemon Bath Bomb; Blue Poppy and Jasmine Soap; Blue Jasmine Shampoo Bar; Blue Jasmine…